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​Roger & Judy Harvey

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​​Daryl & Niki became partners with Roger & Judy in 2007 and moved the elk to the Clive location at that time.  They have learned a great deal over the years and look forward with anticipation to growing their herd and getting more involved with this exciting industry.

CWD Certified herd status

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​​Roger & Judy started raising elk in the Bluffton, Alberta area, in 1998.  They loved working with these majestic animals from day one and pursued their dream of producing  large bulls with typical racks.  The entire family supports this venture and works along side Roger & Judy in this industry that they love so much.

Genetics ~ Our desire, since we established the farm in 1998, has always been to grow large, typical bulls for breeding stock and export. We have also carefully selected cows with genetics that also produce these large typical bulls, thus making them appealing to the growing hunt market.

Herd Health ~ Our herd health continues to be our top priority and we are proud of our CWD Certified Herd Status. We submit 100% of our heads for testing, and work closely with our vet to ensure the highest quality of care and nutrition for our animals.

Vision ~ We have slowly and quietly remained true to our original goal of producing large, typical bulls and have been growing our herd and genetic lines with the intention of marketing not only our bulls for breeding stock and hunt farms but also quality bred heifers.

​Daryl & Niki Hiron and Family